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Q: Is there anything printed on the backs of the shirts?
A: Yes, a small logo appears on all our t-shirts. People tell us they really like this branding (since everyone is always asking them where they got such a cool shirt), but if you prefer a single sided shirt(s), please indicate that you don't want the logo to appear on the back of your shirt(s) in the comment box that you will see when you complete your order via PayPal.
* if you order by credit card please send us an email, once you have completed your order, outlining your special request.

Q: Can you print on the front OR the back of the shirt?
A: Yes, we're open to taking requests like that. In certain cases, we can print on the front AND the back for an additional fee. Please indicate any such special order preference n the comment box that you will see when you complete your order via PayPal. You can also email us directly to make an inquiry.

Q: Can I request custom color-combos not currently offered?
A: Well, you can certainly try, and we'll see what's possible. We plan to expand our range of available color choices over the next few months. But right now, what's available for each design is limited to what's listed on that shirt's order page. For example: the Facebook parody shirts are available in blue-on-white and black-on-white only, and the WIFEBEATER shirt is available in black-on-white only. But don't be afraid to email us directly to ask for your special order.

Q: Are the shirts proper screenprinted shirts or just transfers?
A: All Hollywood Loser shirts are printed by hand, using the time-honored screenprinting ("silk-screening") method. That means high-quality inks laid on fabrics that last without fading -- and NOT cheap heat-transfers that start cracking and fading after a few washes.

Q: Are the shirts 100% cotton or synthetic blends?
A: All our t-shirts and undershirts are high-quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton, so there should be only minimal shrinkage.

Q: Why is your domestic shipping FREE?
A: This is a Special Introductory Offer because we're new, and it might end at any time so order your shirts today! In the US and Canada, the price you see listed on the website is the price you pay -- with NO additional S&H! International orders add $8.95 for Air Mail. See our Ordering page for more info.

Q: Are there any other deals or offers you've got going?
A: Spend $50 and get a FREE Hollywood Loser logo shirt! This is another Special Introductory Offer , so don't delay!

Q: What are the size ranges, and measurements, for your shirts?
A: All Hollywood Loser designs come in Men's Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL, unless otherwise noted.
Here are approximate chest measurements for those sizes:
S: 36"-38"
M: 42"
L: 44"
XL: 46"-48"
XXL: 52"
Information and measurements for Women's sizes and "girlie shirts" is listed below.

Also note that the WIFEBEATER design is, unsurprisingly, available only as a Wifebeater (undershirt), and not our usual crew-neck Tees.

Q: What are the size ranges, and measurements, for your Women's shirts?
A: If our Men's shirts are cut a tad on the small side, our Women's are even moreso. These are cut in a "fitted" style, which tends to favor the younger and more petite of the species. We find that, with our shirts, most women need to go UP ONE SIZE from what they usually wear. Please do not take this as a negative comment on your diet. We believe you when you say you're really a Medium, not a Large. But we have found the following chest measurements -- which are roughly equivalent to those of American Apparel's -- are smaller than average for Women's tops:

S: 30"
M: 32" - 33"
L: 34"
XL: 36"

Of course, a woman can have a chest size several inches larger than those figures for the shirt to fit -- but when ordering please do keep these measurements in mind and order accordingly.
These figures are averages. We have noticed some inconsistency in the labeling of our Women's shirts -- and do our best to correct those inconsistencies. Again, our main piece of advice is to order one size up from your usual -- but if you have any specific questions about size or any concerns about how a particular shirt might fit you personally, please don't hesitate to ask. The shirts described here are our house brand, but it's possible we can also get other Women's sizes and shapes as well -- in fact, we're in the process of expanding our Women's line -- so do inquire to if you have any doubts, special requests, etc.
Also, our Women's shirts, unlike our Men's, are 95% cotton with 5% Spandex for a little stretch. So although a Women's Large may clock in at only 34" armpit-to-armpit, the Spandex allows it to be worn by women slightly larger than the stated measurement.

PLEASE NOTE that as of Nov/09 we are able to offer Women's Black shirts in S, M and L only. The Women's Black Size XL is temporarily SOLD OUT but will be back in stock SOON! But for now, in Women's Black, the 34" Large is the largest we can offer.

Q: Will you be offering Children's sizes?
A: On certain designs, we plan to, yes. We hope to expand our range of available sizes AND range of available color combos. For now, what's available is just what's listed on the individual pages in the designs page of our website.

Q: I just can't wait to hand you money. How do I do it?
A: We prefer PayPal, but also accept Money Orders. Payment by Credit Card is also accepted. When you check out, you will be transferred to a secure PayPal ordering site, and instructions for all forms of payment are available there. Please note: All prices in US funds. Please be sure your payment name and address match EXACTLY with delivery name and address, otherwise we can not process your order.

Q: Do you promise satisfaction?
A: Yes, we promise satisfaction!

Q: What exactly do you mean by that?
A: We GUARANTEE you'll enjoy doing business with us. If not, FULL MONEY BACK. We've been selling on Ebay for several years, and have maintained an extremely high Customer Satisfaction rate. Over thousands of Ebay sales, we've had only a small handful of problems of any kind -- of which ALL have been resolved satisfactorily. Whatever the problem might be, we'll fix it -- up to and including Full Refund. Or you can take a replacement shirt, or a coupon for the purch of future merch!

Q: What is your return policy?
A: If you receive a shirt and for some reason you don't like it (the size is no good, or you just changed your mind and want a different one), we will gladly take it back and by your choice, either issue a refund or exchange it for any other t-shirt. The shirt must be in the original condition with tags. This means never been worn, washed, dried, damaged, free from animal hair, and smoke-free. Please note that return postage is the responsibility of the customer, but that Hollywood Loser™ will cover the postage for any replacement garment(s).

Q: Does Hollywood Loser™ strive to make each and every customer HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY?
A: YES, Hollywood Loser™ strives to make each and every one of you out there HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! We will replace any merchandise you're not completely satisfied with. If you find fault with your purchase, return it to us and we will replace it immediately. If this is not possible, we will refund your payment. Items returned for any other reason must be in the same condition in which they were received, i.e. un-worn/un-used and with all original packaging and labels intact. Please note that return postage is the responsibility of the customer, but that Hollywood Loser™ will cover the postage for any replacement garment(s).

Q: Do you take Wholesale orders, or offer any other sort of volume discount?
A: Yes, if you have a store or website of your own and want to carry Hollywood Loser brand, tell us what you have in mind and we can talk about it. You can email us directly, and we'll get back to you pronto!

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