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Studebaker Logo shirts. We are currently preparing some shirts featuring these images. It's also possible to combine these logos, hood ornaments, etc, with my pictures of the cars themselves. We at Hollywood Loser are still working out the details of how to do all this -- but please let us know if you are interested in buying some, and we can talk about what the shirts should look like."




1960s Studebaker Avanti - Front View

The venerable American automaker STUDEBAKER was circling the drain in 1962 when the company made one last bid for marketplace survival: a radically styled sports coupe with an eye-catching fiberglass body, an enormous wraparound rear window, an asymmetrical hood, and no grille. Smooth, sleek, and seemingly beamed in from some sexy future, the AVANTI was an Atomic Age road rocket to rival the C-2 Stingray. The appropriately named Avanti looked like an old Studebaker President as redesigned either by NASA or a mental patient.

The press and the public loved the Avanti as a vanguard vehicle -- but unfortunately it wasn't enough to save the doomed automaker, so it was only on the market for about two-and-a-half years. It has become one of the great "cult cars" of the '60s.
Some called the Avanti's controversial design peculiar, wacky, or even ugly. But the car had such a following that when parent company Studebaker went belly-up in 1964, a fan of the car bought up the Avanti part of the Studebaker factory and continued producing, in limited numbers, this one model only -- unchanged but renamed the Avanti II -- for a full three decades after Studebaker was dead and buried. This is believed to be the only time any car has ever been "saved from death" in this way. Side view here.

NOTE: Our AVANTI shirt is available with or without the "Avanti" text under OR over the car. Please specify your preference when ordering.


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