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* Ann Coulter's Canadian speaking engagements have been arranged through the International Free Press Society (Canada), but that organization is in no way connected with this T-shirt.
* This shirt has, as far as we know, been approved by Ann Coulter herself, though as of this writing on Friday, March 19, 2010, no contract has been signed. A portion of the proceeds will go to either Ms. Coulter herself and/or a charity of her choice and/or the organizers of the Coulter In Canada events.


Coulter Over Canada

ANN COULTER is sometimes described as the rock star of right-wing politics. In March 2010, the fireball conservative commentator with the trademark blond tresses and the rapier repartee made her first-ever Tour of Canada, bringing her rampaging style of "unacceptable discourse" to events at two college campuses in Ontario; and then a third in Alberta. With characteristically Coulterian sledgehammer subtlety, our exclusive COULTER OVER CANADA double-sided shirt depicts a B-2 Stealth Bomber streaking over the Great White North. On the back are the tour dates -- just like a rock band's concert shirt! These shirts, produced in very limited quantities, will be sold ONLY at the Coulter In Canada events and here on this website, for our usual price of $25 including FREE shipping.

Now go rile up them hosers, Ann!


For more info: or check out the pic that made it's way into the Montreal Gazette. Info on the shirt designer The Binks can be found at

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