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Fuddle Duddle

In 1971, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was accused of swearing in the House of Commons in Ottawa. The flamboyant, flower-power PM denied it, claiming he'd merely muttered "FUDDLE DUDDLE." Nobody believed him, but the naughty phrase launched the "Fuddlemania" craze of the early '70s. Clear across the Great White North suddenly appeared "Fuddle duddle" mugs, toys, lapel pins, novelty songs -- like Fuddle Duddle by Antique Fairand, Do the Fuddle Duddle by a group calling themselves House of Commons -- and of course T-shirts like this one. firebirdFeaturing the wickedest caricature of Groovy Pierre ever drawn, this is an original period Tshirt design -- brought back to life four decades later exclusively by Hollywood Loser. And the Fuddle Duddle phenomenon seems to be set to carry on with the recent outburst by Pierre's son Justin Trudeau, who has created his own Shiddle Diddle controversy in the Canadian Parliament.

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