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Hockey Hoser

Take off to the Great White North with this anthropomorphized map of the 10 provinces and two -- oops, make that three -- territories of the Dominion of Canda as it plays its national game: shinny! From the land where "summer" means two weeks of bad skiing, our exclusive Hockey Hoser cartoon shirt will cross-check his way into your heart -- and also your wallet, from which he will extract $20 and pass it to me, and then I will score!

With a goofy grin worthy of a third Mackenzie Brother, and wearing Baffin Island for a tocque, Hockey Hoser is a highly amusing design, regardless of whether you are a Canadian or a normal person. All can enjoy Hockey Hoser's bland, conciliatory, mission of Peace, Order, Good Government, no Saturday mail delivery, 7.1% alc/vol beer, and side order of poutine.

Now make like a goalie and get the puck outta here, eh! Also coming soon on Sweatshirts and Long-sleeve T-shirts -- cuz we know it gets COLD up there above the 49th Parallel!

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