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H.L. MELLOTRON CONTEST: Whomever can tell us which King Crimson album the "Long live the Mellotron" shout-out comes from gets a Mellotron shirt in their choice of size and color, for FREE!!! Email us your answer soon, first correct answer wins it!


Long Live the Mellotron

The Mellotron, a British keyboard instrument from early '60s to early '80s, mostly by progressive rock groups (Beatles, Yes, Moody Blues, Genesis). A crude, limited, infuriating to operate, but somehow endearing instrument that was the first "orchestra in a box." The 'Tron's flutes don't sound like real flutes (you can hear them on the beginning of "Strawberry Fields Forever") and its strings don't sound like real strings, but they do sound good in their own fake, plasticky way.

boringIdiotThe phrase Long live the Mellotron comes from a member of the audience on an early-70s live recording by King Crimson, who shouts it out during a quiet segment.

According to Wiki: The Mellotron has a similar behaviour to a sampler, but generates its sound via audio tape. When a key is pressed, a tape connected to it is pushed against a playback head, like a tape recorder. While the key remains depressed, the tape is drawn over the head, and a sound is played. When the key is released, a spring pulls the tape back to its original position. A variety of sounds are available on the instrument... (more)

Our shirts, meanwhile, come in a variety of plasticky, Mellotronic colors.

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